Sunil's six pack Training Video and interview with Sunil

Sunil who has proved himself with comedy and dances is all set to show another facet in the form of action sequences. Sunil who used to weight 108 kgs three years back has transformed himself and developed six pack with relentless training and amazing dedication. has caught up with Sunil for an exclusive interview about how he has developed six pack -

What has motivated you to develop such a fabulous 6-pack body?
I had been fascinated with body building since childhood. Actor Subbaraju’s father used to be my Telugu lecturer in Bheemavaram. He used to conduct special yoga and exercise classes during summer. He used to make me do exercises during that time.
After coming to film industry, I have met a small time actor called Khalil. I didn’t realise that he is a fitness expert till he trained Allu Arjun to develop six pack for Desa Muduru movie. Khalil acted with me in Nuvvu Nenu film as well. Khalil was in financial need and has asked me to recommend him some fitness clients. Finally I have become his client. He is a great motivator and he made sure that he has also simultaneously practiced strict regime along with me. If Khalil were a sculpturer, I am like a raw stone. Luckily my parents gave me big framed body and my body complemented 6-pack very well. I want to create a shock value for my films by building six pack. I had been trying for it for the past 3 years.

When I tried for Maryada Ramanna, Rajamouli said that I had lost glow in my face and asked me to increase the weight. I gained weight by 10 kgs. Rajamouli didn’t wanted an action body from me as I was doing the character of a coward (piriki vaadu). In Poola Rangadu movie I had an opportunity to do it. I had been a fitness freak for the past 3 years. I spent around one year for weight reduction and then used 2 years to built body. I used to be 108 kgs at one point of time and now I am 78 (due to muscles and bones). My waist size used to be 44 and ½ inches before and now it is 31 inches. If you look at the photos, you can see veins. I achieved that status when my waist size was 30 inch.
The main reason why I developed six pack is to bring believability. Audiences have seen me in 160 films as a comedian. If I fight seriously in my movie as a hero, nobody will take it seriously. But if I develop six-pack and do it, people will believe me.

What was the diet during climax fight sequence?
We shot the climax for 10 days. I used to drink egg white and water. I used to eat ice cubes. I used to eat 12 egg whites a day (4 egg whites each in morning, afternoon and night). I used to eat some carbohydrates 4 hours before shoot as it helps in getting the 6-pack right.

Poola Rangadu is releasing on 17 February. How is the film going to be?
In Andala Ramudu, I did the role of an innocent (amayakudu). In Maryada Ramanna, I did the role of a coward (Pikiri Vaadu). In Poola Rangadu, I am doing the role of a man of patience (sahanam vunnavaadu). First half is going to be like Andala Ramudu and second half is going to be like Maryada Ramanna which an intense climax.


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